Recovery diary - Day 74 - Revelation

18 April 2017

I went to my first session of Body SDS today. A little like Reiki, I wouldn't do justice to it if I tried to give a good description. I will not give more details than telling you that it's perfect for people suffering from physical pain (or weird stuff like eczema) and who believe that body and mind are related.
I entered my practitioner's room with a naive smile and left with tears rolling down my face - completely overwhelmed. In a very good way... 

I started the session describing what was wrong (shin splits + eczema). The practitioner asked a few questions about myself, told me to lay down, started doing his thing while speaking and asking questions, like we had known each other in years. He kept on digging while doing whatever he had to do with my arms, legs and back. Until he put words on some old emotional wound, I didn't suspect to be the core of all of my problems - all of them being one big thing.
I started to cry and didn't stop until I was riding my bike again...But at least I know what to work on. Like he said, it's a big challenge and it's going to take time and lots of efforts. But the reward is worth it.

Jeg var til Body sds for første gang i dag. Det visser sig, at en gammel "smerte" er udgangspunktet til alt hvad jeg gik i gennem disse sidste 6 måneder (og det er nu at den rigtig kamp starter).


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