Recovery diary - Day 73 - Mindfullness

17 April 2017

Chakras. Mindfullness. Meditation. Root chakra. Just a few concepts I've been touching by the finger tips these pasts days and which seem to be key to my recovery.

I mentioned the other day that when injured and broken hearted, I forgot to be sad then I forgot to stay strong and stable. Instead of letting go I went a 1.000 different ways, trying to bring back the past stories to life. 
Strong, stable and with a root. That's all what I've been missing. A "place" where I knew I belonged to. Ideas I knew were good to have. Beliefs which would have made me go one single way - the one to recovery - instead of getting lost and tiring myself. 
Being introduced to the concept of chakras and to meditation is helping me building strength and stability. It calms me, opens my mind to a whole new world. And by trying to balance chakras, I heal my soul and learn to enjoy the present. It makes me strong mentally - should he go contact me again, I will not care, not answer. Letting this story go... Finally...

Om "mindfullness", meditation og chakras. Sjæl, krop og sind er i balance.


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