Recovery diary - Day 72 - Am I running again?

16 April 2017

Despite the holiday I woke up at 5.45, just like planned. A run with my crew was coming up, the usual "Friday I'm in love" - don't you just love this name for a run?
Like the last times I ran with them, my intention was to run the first 4-5 kms with the group, then grab my bike and go back home, as my injured legs wouldn't allow me to do more.

This time simply felt different in the best possible way. I followed these crazy morning birds to the Little Mermaid, one of Copenhagen's most touristy spots. 
My legs weren't hurting after these 5 first km. We stopped for few minutes to enjoy the sun, talk a little and take some group photos. At some point I sat next to Louise (the lovely person on this photo) and enjoyed exchanging a few words with her. This is why I love running with these people so much and why I missed it so bad. Yes, running is about pushing boundaries and stuff. But it can be about a lot more if you look at the bigger picture.

After a few shots, the happy crew started its journey back to Sø Pavillonen, where we always meet. I tried to follow the fast ones but had to admit that it's not time for speed yet. So I slowed down and ran with my friend Lea. We cruised through the city, avoided the lakes and enjoyed the empty streets of the city center, which are usually so crowded. It was a little over 7 a.m and the sun was already high up in the sky - we owned Copenhagen.

I felt great during the whole trip. My only concern was that I might feel some pain afterwards, when the endorphins are gone.
Turns out it never started hurting - or just a little, if I really tried to feel something in my legs. I didn't feel any pain the following day either. Imagine my smile when I realized that I had run 9 km pain free. It was my first real run since the injury happened back in December.
I'm hoping it will keep on going this way. I promise to stay careful and not to go crazy again. Instead I'll enjoy every single km I am allowed to run and will slowly start building strength and endurance.


Jeg løb min første rigtig tur i fredags. 9 smertefri kilometer. 


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