Recovery diary - Day 74 - Revelation

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18 April 2017

I went to my first session of Body SDS today. A little like Reiki, I wouldn't do justice to it if I tried to give a good description. I will not give more details than telling you that it's perfect for people suffering from physical pain (or weird stuff like eczema) and who believe that body and mind are related.

Recovery diary - Day 73 - Mindfullness

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17 April 2017

Chakras. Mindfullness. Meditation. Root chakra. Just a few concepts I've been touching by the finger tips these pasts days and which seem to be key to my recovery.

Recovery diary - Day 72 - Am I running again?

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16 April 2017

Despite the holiday I woke up at 5.45, just like planned. A run with my crew was coming up, the usual "Friday I'm in love" - don't you just love this name for a run?

Recovery diary - Day 58 - Strength and stability

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05 April 2017

Back from a crazy weekend in Berlin where I had the chance to cheer for my friends and fellow NBRO runners. Pure fun, pure madness and a little bit of nostalgia when I looked back to last year - I did race this amazing route, score a PB and go through that same cheer zone.

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