Recovery diary - Day 38 - Status

17 March 2017

38 days of ups and downs. Many days when I wondered if I would ever reach my goal on day 100 - or reach it at all one day.

Today is one of these days ruled by optimism - I started it with a quick run. 3 small kilometers. I'm still not running longer distances than that. And my legs gently remind me, step by step, that it will take time.
I know, I know... I was back. Then another injury kicked in, about 2 weeks ago. I don't know what it is and I didn't try to research it. I just wrote my physiotherapist who advised rest. I rested for 2 weeks - the only form of exercise I did was biking part of the route I take to work. I would be lying if I said these were the worst weeks of my life - there're worst things happening on this planet. But I really did wonder if I'd ever get back in the game. 

From now on, and until I get a strong body, I will not exercise every day. It took me beyond these 38 days to understand that impatience has been the enemy all the way. 
The feeling I had this morning while running the streets of Copenhagen at 6 a.m was wonderful. More of that please, even if it's short distances. I've gotten to a point where the simple idea of being able to run twice a week is perfection. The rest of the time, I'll spend it doing core and strength exercises, slowly. Then maybe I'll be running longer distances at the end of these 100 days of recovery.

I also got to the point where I got sick of being sad and heart broken. I have had my time of crying, thinking, dreaming, hoping, being disappointed. I'm fed up and it's over. Time to bring on better days - and also to prove this asshole and myself that I'm worth so much and that he's just an idiot hehe.

So I keep on going with the initial plan: building a stronger body and mind by exercising, doing more of what I like doing and seeing more of the people I love. Also trying to find out how to bring my soul in the game - I've been meditating every night before going to bed. Still unsure how it's going but it does have a relaxing effect.

And yes, the big red spot on my arm is how bad my eczema got. I have a theory of why it came back after almost disappearing. Maybe I'll tell another day.


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