Recovery diary - Day 35 - When not running...

14 March 2017

It's been 35 days since I decided to come up with this recovery plan. The idea was to focus on what was wrong and what was not working. I think I'm well aware of these things now. But taking action is a whole other story. Especially on the love front, when forgetting seems impossible.

Then there's the fact that another injury started in my left leg, just above the knee. So I pulled the plug and stopped doing any kind of sports. I don't want to, but I feel so desperate. It feels like it will never be over and like long 20 km runs are a sweet souvenir...
The good thing about not exercising is that I quickly felt better. My legs probably needed it... My mind disapproves but is learning to be patient here.

In between two short runs, I decided to forget it all and to follow my crew in Amsterdam/The Hague. A huge run was organized there. I biked in the lovely streets of Amsterdam, I had long walks with Sofie and some very good times with her - I just love getting to know people. We both cheered for the BTG runners in The Hague, under a very bright sun and surrounded by happy people. 

I spontaneously postponed my sunday night flight so that I could attend the party. I went to bed around 3 A.M that night and woke up again at 6 P.M so that I could catch an early flight back to Copenhagen. I was tired but happy I made a very stupid and expensive decision. I'm 28 but definitely don't behave like a grown up - for the time being I don't really care but I'll get to it.

After challenging months I simply needed a huge dose of carelessness. 


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