Recovery diary - Day 48 - Treating eczema with a plant based diet

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26 March 2017

The World Wide Web! What a beautiful invention! Full of answers to our questions, also full of crap. But mostly a very useful tool.

Recovery diary - Day 38 - Status

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17 March 2017

38 days of ups and downs. Many days when I wondered if I would ever reach my goal on day 100 - or reach it at all one day.

Recovery diary - Day 35 - When not running...

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14 March 2017

It's been 35 days since I decided to come up with this recovery plan. The idea was to focus on what was wrong and what was not working. I think I'm well aware of these things now. But taking action is a whole other story. Especially on the love front, when forgetting seems impossible.

Day after day, step by step, making small progress

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05 March 2017

And I thought I was unable to grieve from my last big Danish crush. Well, I also was unable to grieve from my big 4-year love story. Turns out I just found out - 8 months after our break up...

(The photo was taken in Vietnam in 2015, his country of origin).

Recovery diary - Day 22 - Still going against a strong wind

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04 March 2017

I knew this whole process would be a roller coaster. But I didn't expect to be challenged the way that I am right now. It's as if I got back to day 1 on all fronts - everything was going the right way. My eczema started to fade on my arms, no signs of acne and most importantly, I had two successful runs - I ran twice 4 km without feeling the pain in my shin.

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