Recovery diary - Day 8 - Back to training

19 February 2017

I went back to training this morning. After a little week of rest I thought I should give the gym a try. I was optimistic and expected to be able to train at least for 1h30. That didn't happen. I didn't get hurt but I could feel my limits after an hour of light training. It appeared clearly that I should stop and call it a day.
This is frustrating. That's how I felt when I left the place and stood in the cold and grey weather for a while.
Until I realized that it's been just a week since I put this plan up. It's only been 8 days and I need to be patient.
The thing is that I've been injured in 2 months now and cannot see big improvements. One thing is sure: I have learnt my lesson. I promise that if I ever get the chance to run long distances again (or just run again), I will listen to my body. Always.


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