Recovery diary - Day 2 - The plan

13 February 2017

I think yesterday's post deserves more precisions.
I decided to open up on my heart's situation and the fact that I'm heart broken. I decided to link this to the symptoms that I mentioned.
It's not the heart break which caused all this symptoms. I see it more like a trigger to deeper things I've been keeping inside of me.
Should I lack self confidence, it's not something that I got from one heart break - although it obviously didn't help.

Today I'd like to write down how I want to handle things. I believe that it doesn't just require a good nutrition. Or to be at peace with myself. Or to simply be happy. I am happy. But it's not enough. I need to focus on the following points and take them as a whole, not separately:

- Health and nutrition
By health I mean getting enough sleep and rest. Not over doing things and taking care of myself. Make sure I don't spend long days at the office, make sure I don't over work out. Make sure I controle my stress.
I also mean getting the right kind of food, in the right amount. And avoiding products which might emphasize eczema and acne - stop drinking coffee during the week and keep this guilty pleasure for the weekends, etc. I will make a detailed list in a future post.
I want to know what are the right vitamins to take and to give homeopathy a try.

- Peace with body, mind and soul
This is a more spiritual aspect of the process. I believe in alternative medicine and spiritual ways of finding peace, without becoming a fanatic.
I started consulting a reiki healer in November. I love these sessions but also realize that it requires more than just one or two sessions to make the most of it. As for the aforementioned, I will go into details in a future post.
I also want to meditate more - wake up earlier in the morning to enjoy an hour of silence and peace with myself. Get to know myself better from that standpoint.
I want to go to yoga classes more often. As I can't run at the moment, I have to go towards alternative ways of working out. I believe yoga is the perfect combination of working out and meditation.
I want to find the perfection way of expressing myself: release all the anger I somehow have inside of me.

And I want to be able to apply of these things on a daily basis.

P.S: I took photos of my arm pits, but will keep them for myself for the moment. Hopefully I'll be able to show you a comparison shot soon, when things will be better.


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