Recovery diary - Day 16 - Status

26 February 2017

Just sending a status from my bed. A rainy sunday well spent does include some time in bed - although today also included chearing for my fellow NBROs at Fælledparken, working out at the gym, making healthy food and taking a long deserved shower.

I decided last Thursday was the time to give running a try. After sharing my worries with my physiotherapist, the latter reassured me and cleared me for running (a little) + doing the work outs he advised me to do on a daily basis.
So I woke up at 5:30 a.m like the champions do. I laced up and set foot on a dark and snowy street - it had snowed all night. I ran the 500 usual meters up to the gym, kept doing the exercise on the treadmill for 4 km. I then cooled down by walking. Ended the session with a quick work out and some stretching (never forget the stretching).
It all felt great and I couldn't find a better way to kickstart my day. My only concern was that the pain usually kicks in hours later - therefor I didn't feel "safe". But no pain really showed up - only some strange sensation in the right leg - so far so good said the physiotherapist. It felt so good that I just felt like doing the same thing the next day. That's where I showed I learnt my lesson from being injured. I'm determined to give the body the time it needs to recover. No more injuries for me. Never ever!

I got some pretty good advice for my eczema as well. A colleague of mine suggested that I tried to use coconut oil on the itchy parts, before going to bed. I also found out that evening primrose oil was supposed to be good for all types of skin problems. So I gave these two remedies a try. I still have big red marks on my arms and face. But it's not itchy anymore. It's just dry and ugly, which is a big improvement so far.

I sincerely hope that my next posts will be as positive as this one. Running pain free from day 16 is so much better than I could possibly hope. Even if both shin and ankle feel week and strange, they don't hurt anymore. 


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