Recovery diary - Day 10 - Learnings from months of not running

21 February 2017

Being injured got the wise part of me out of its box. Finally. It should be easy to take it easy once injured. One should just use this period as the occasion to open to other interests - there are so many. I've had a hard time letting go. And I'm not done with it yet.
Still... It's been exactly two months since my last run - 20 km with NBRO on a grey Saturday morning. The run was perfect. Waking up the day after wasn't as nice.
When the pain kicked in, I thought it would be a matter of weeks. 2 to 3 max. And it felt unbearable. If only I had known that it would be a matter of months.
Thinking that the pain I was feeling wasn't too serious, I kept on training a lot, every day, tried a few unsuccessful runs. Until I went to see a physiotherapist and a reiki healer who helped me train smart and find peace. More about these two disciplins another day.

I was supposed to train with a friend today. By the end of the afternoon she told me it would be difficult for her to meet as she was having a hectic day. She suggested we meet tomorrow morning early instead. I immediately approved - training with her makes this whole (fucking) long process so much funnier. I left the office thinking that I could still go to the gym and train quickly. Until I gave it a second thought, while riding my bike in windy Copenhagen.
I took the decision not to train today, if I was to train tomorrow at the crack of dawn. I know it sounds very simple and foolish. Yet it took me two months to calm down, take a deep breath and look at a simple situation with wise eyes. 

As it appeared clearly that I would never be ready for the Berlin half marathon (beginning of April), I made it a top priority to be able to run again when the spring days show up again. To run again doesn't mean that I can go for random 20Ks whenever I feel like it. It doesn't mean that I'll be racing at the stadium every Wednesday yet. It simply means that I can run from 8 to 10 km injury and pain free. 

Like I wrote 10 days ago - I have 100 days to reach this goal (well, 90 as of today).


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