Recovery diary - After 100

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16 May 2017

The 100 days have passed. It felt like a long way when I planned this whole thing back in February. All these days made me very optimistic - I thought I'd completely recover in 100 days. 
I can now assure you that 100 days is nothing. And yet...

Shin splints is a bitch and doesn't just go away
But I can now run convenient runs, up to 11 km. After months of not running, this is like heaven to me.
Being injured definitely taught me patience and wisdom. I'm done going crazy on the stadium and I'm done trying to reach 60 km weekly when I know that my body isn't ready. I'm giving time to timing. Eventually I'll get there. In the meantime, I enjoy slow runs, I build up strength and try a little bit of speed on the shortest distances. I ran "Nørrebroløbet" the other day. Pining a bib on my T-shirt felt great. Running 5 km in the streets of my favorite neighborhood too. And running through the cheering, as modest as it was made me want to hug all the people who were surrounding me.
Being injured taught me patience, wisdom and gratefulness.

You still don't want to look at my arms
Because I still have huge traces of eczema. It comes, fades and comes back. It itches, it made me spend unbearable nights by the end of April when it was at its climax. It's definitely linked to my diet and to some sort of stress. I'm working on both.
I'll never say that I enjoy eczema, because it really can ruin one's day (and night). But suffering from it forced me to go to therapy - and I'm not talking steroid creams here.
Eczema brought me to Reiki, to being vegan and to taking a better look at what's in my plate. And it brought me to Body SDS (Body Self Development System). This is what I needed. Both my shins and my skin can benefit from these sessions. I wasn't surprised when I was told that these two issues were somehow connected. 
Lying on the table during Body SDS sessions brought me back to when I was about 8 years old - an unsuspicious source of stress. Recovering is a long process, but at least I now know what I have to work on. I know that I will succeed.

What else?
The upper mentioned issues opened my mind to yoga and meditation. Spirituality was missing from my life and I'm glad I found a way to it. It calms me and allows me to take a step back on things.

So what happens after 100 days of recovery?
Even if I'm not entirely recovered, I know what the issues are and I know how to work on them. Every day is bringing me closer to a better version of myself - healthier, happier, more secure. I grew up like I never did in just 100 days. I got aware of so many things - be assured, I have recovered. 
But the journey doesn't end here, it would be too easy. After 100 days of recovery come 100 days of strengthening. Body, mind and soul are now embarking on a new journey.
See you in 100 day.

P.s: last but not least, becoming wiser didn't prevent me from being childish and careless when I was supposed to be. The broken hearted girl that I (still) am did let go and only for the best.

Efter "100 days of recovery" kommer der "100 days of strengthening". Rejsen er ikke slut!

Recovery diary - Day 74 - Revelation

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18 April 2017

I went to my first session of Body SDS today. A little like Reiki, I wouldn't do justice to it if I tried to give a good description. I will not give more details than telling you that it's perfect for people suffering from physical pain (or weird stuff like eczema) and who believe that body and mind are related.

Recovery diary - Day 73 - Mindfullness

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17 April 2017

Chakras. Mindfullness. Meditation. Root chakra. Just a few concepts I've been touching by the finger tips these pasts days and which seem to be key to my recovery.

Recovery diary - Day 72 - Am I running again?

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16 April 2017

Despite the holiday I woke up at 5.45, just like planned. A run with my crew was coming up, the usual "Friday I'm in love" - don't you just love this name for a run?

Recovery diary - Day 58 - Strength and stability

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05 April 2017

Back from a crazy weekend in Berlin where I had the chance to cheer for my friends and fellow NBRO runners. Pure fun, pure madness and a little bit of nostalgia when I looked back to last year - I did race this amazing route, score a PB and go through that same cheer zone.

Recovery diary - Day 48 - Treating eczema with a plant based diet

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26 March 2017

The World Wide Web! What a beautiful invention! Full of answers to our questions, also full of crap. But mostly a very useful tool.

Recovery diary - Day 38 - Status

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17 March 2017

38 days of ups and downs. Many days when I wondered if I would ever reach my goal on day 100 - or reach it at all one day.

Recovery diary - Day 35 - When not running...

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14 March 2017

It's been 35 days since I decided to come up with this recovery plan. The idea was to focus on what was wrong and what was not working. I think I'm well aware of these things now. But taking action is a whole other story. Especially on the love front, when forgetting seems impossible.

Day after day, step by step, making small progress

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05 March 2017

And I thought I was unable to grieve from my last big Danish crush. Well, I also was unable to grieve from my big 4-year love story. Turns out I just found out - 8 months after our break up...

(The photo was taken in Vietnam in 2015, his country of origin).

Recovery diary - Day 22 - Still going against a strong wind

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04 March 2017

I knew this whole process would be a roller coaster. But I didn't expect to be challenged the way that I am right now. It's as if I got back to day 1 on all fronts - everything was going the right way. My eczema started to fade on my arms, no signs of acne and most importantly, I had two successful runs - I ran twice 4 km without feeling the pain in my shin.

If you don't run, you cheer

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28 February 2017

Luckily, when not running, there's cheering. Which is also a very fun thing to do, especially in good company. 

Recovery diary - Day 16 - Status

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26 February 2017

Just sending a status from my bed. A rainy sunday well spent does include some time in bed - although today also included chearing for my fellow NBROs at Fælledparken, working out at the gym, making healthy food and taking a long deserved shower.

Swimming pool

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23 February 2017

Recovery diary - Day 11 - Letting go and moving on

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22 February 2017

It might be too early to write this. So I'll just consider this post as a draft to a (hopefully) future one. One that I will write after these 100 days of recovery.

Recovery diary - Day 10 - Learnings from months of not running

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21 February 2017

Being injured got the wise part of me out of its box. Finally. It should be easy to take it easy once injured. One should just use this period as the occasion to open to other interests - there are so many. I've had a hard time letting go. And I'm not done with it yet.

Recovery diary - Day 8 - Back to training

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19 February 2017

I went back to training this morning. After a little week of rest I thought I should give the gym a try. I was optimistic and expected to be able to train at least for 1h30. That didn't happen. I didn't get hurt but I could feel my limits after an hour of light training. It appeared clearly that I should stop and call it a day.

Recovery diary - Day 7 - Cleansing

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18 February 2017

It's already been a week since I decided to come up with a 100-day plan to recover from the trouble I'm going through. These days felt like minutes, yet the road is long and 100 days feel like forever. Hopefully all will be good by then.

Recovery diary - Day 2 - The plan

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13 February 2017

I think yesterday's post deserves more precisions.
I decided to open up on my heart's situation and the fact that I'm heart broken. I decided to link this to the symptoms that I mentioned.

Recovery diary - Day 1 - Acknowledging the problem

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12 February 2017

The only reason I havn't posted anything in here, in a while, is that I always question the use of a blog, especially for me. Especially if I'm not going to share it with the rest of the world. Leaving the discovery of these stories to fate.

We were holding hands before we knew it

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I always think I’m stronger when it comes to heart breaks. But once put at the bottom of the wall, with no other choice but to face it, I find myself completely lost, and “håbløs*” like one would say in Danish.

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