13 October 2016

I was in Vietnam over a year ago and am trying to gather all my memories from this trip as I write these lines.
The first words that come to me are "beautiful", "messy", "breathtaking", "dust" and "spice".

Vietnam is this interesting blend of modernity which goes together with ancient buildings. A country which is definitely developing but which holds a lot of history. 

During my stay I had the chance of visiting Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City -, Hanoi, the Ha Long Bay and Phu Quoc. 

The Ha Long Bay was by far the best part of it. I didn't think it would be like that though. The place is in every Vietnam guide this planet holds hence not the best kept secret. I feared having to see way too many people there. Turns out the three people I spent this trip with and I ended on a little boat managed by two locals. They took us to their favorite places and made sure we'd get as much eye candy as possible. So we sailed from places to places, ate the most delicious and homemade food, swam, rested... All of that in only 24 hours. I could definitely have added 24 extra hours on top. The landscapes are breathtaking and the green color predominant - Which felt good and oddly new.

I had a lot of fun taking photos of locals being busy with their things. The coffee culture is big in this country and I enjoyed every cup of strong coffee I had there. Not the best for ones stomach but so delicious. 
Many Vietnamese commute on mopeds and wear the lightest helmets while they always drive faster. It looked pretty dangerous if you ask me but they seemed very relaxed as they raced through the streets. 

Om Vietnam.


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