Sleepless nights in Paris

15 October 2016

One of the things I'll remember from 2016 is how I changed my habits. I used to be a home person and hated staying at parties for too long. Somehow it changed by the end of 2015 and has been going on like this since then.

My friend and former roommate Anna is always up to something and I loved following her in the crazy parisian nights she would experience.

If I remember correctly the snooker night you see on the pictures started as every typical weekend night - in a bar. Probably the one called Le Riviera in the 11th where we've spent so many nights. Some friends live in this big place where they have a snooker in one of their living rooms. It was a classic to end our nights in this big place and either rest on the sofas, dance on some music or play snooker.

Because I was so bad at snooker and because I usually didn't know most of the people who crashed there, I would go from one room to the other. I would observe, try to make the conversation and make new friends or just take pictures. 

I'm so happy I have all these pictures from that night. Not because it was extraordinary - it's not the best memory I have. But it reminds me of that winter when things changed. When I started going out more and opening to people again. These nights were fun, warm and carried me through one more winter.

Om en af de mange sjove nætter i Paris i vinteren 2016. 


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