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28 October 2016

Now is not the time when I start a career in writing musical reviews - this day will never come. But I'm a big fan of music - I listen to music whenever I can. Sleeping or being at a workplace are the only limits. Sometimes I find myself falling asleep to music and wake up the morning after realizing that it's been playing all night.

The aforementioned band was brought to my attention a little less than a month ago. I immediately fell in love with the singers voice, thinking it was a new project of Antony and the Johnsons. Well it wasn't.
Cancer is a Danish band, named this way because one of them - or was it both of them - had to go through the painful process of losing a beloved one to the disease. I'm lucky, I never had to  experience it. I know what it is to lose someone to a disease though. And I feel like I hear stories of people dying of cancer on a weekly basis. Alongside terrorism, fighting cancer is one of the big battles of the 21st century.

So I started listening to the band's songs, liking everything they have done so far. There is so much beauty in sadness and melancholy. 
No gigs are planned in Copenhagen or nearby at the moment, hopefully it will soon be the case.

Om det dansk band Cancer.


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