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03 October 2016

We were young and stupid. We were in our early 20s and thought we ruled the world. We were careless, depressed and happy and the same time. It was before we knew love and life - if one ever gets to know what those things are.
We'd drink alcohol and jump in the swimming pool. We'd silently kiss under water and take a deep breath when at the surface again. Then look at each other and laugh. We'd listen to music all night long believing that we have better tastes than others and that what we're going through is unique. We'd talk about what inspire us, the projects ahead and the dreams that might never come true.

The best part of it is that discovering these pictures a few years after taking them made me very happy and a bit nostalgic. Sometimes you should really just leave an undeveloped film in a corner and find it years after.

Ps: There weren't just photos of me. But I'm not sure the friends that I shot with this bad camera would approve to have there photos published and I didn't want to ask them either.

Fandt et gammel film for nogle dage siden. Billederne er fra 2011.


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