Le grand bleu

01 October 2016

Greece is the kind of destination where many Europeans go. Yet I had never been there and I wonder why it took me 28 years. 
My friend Anna and I had been craving for adventure since February 2016 and studied all the crazy countries where we could experience that - Namibia, Sri Lanka, Nicaragua were on the list. But when time came for making a decision and buying tickets we realized that all these destinations were above our budget.
So we decided to go for something easier, cheaper, yet beautiful. Sometimes you don't have to travel a 1000 miles to find adventure, really.
So we booked our plane and ferry tickets and decided that we'd spend 10 days in Amorgos - part of the Cyclades islands.

Trip on the ferry from Athens to Naxos

The trip to the town of Aegiali - 2nd biggest place in Amorgos after Katapola - was long but worth it. The island is surrounded by a perfect combination of dark blue and turquoise waters, arid landscapes and beautiful architecture - the kind of white houses that Greek islands are known for.
The movie "Le Grand Bleu" was shot there decades ago. I really understand Luc Besson's fascination for the place.

I don't have the words to express how wonderful this place is and how much I want to go back. I took photos, mostly with my analog camera of our hikes, swims, moped rides, etc. Hopefully the images will succeed in making you understand what I felt. And if you already are making plans for your next trip, then you definitely should consider Amorgos as your destination.

Minder og billeder fra Amorgos, Grækenland.


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