It's our routine and it's everything but boring

26 October 2016

I know it sounds awful but it's not. Running intervals, slowing down in between rounds. Meanwhile, others stay on the side of the track and do some core training. 
It does sound awful. But I must insist - it is not! The main reason is the fulfillment that comes out of the challenge once it's achieved. As runners we all pursue a personal goal and achieving it is one of the best feeling we know.

The other reason is that you can always find running and training buddies. We're definitely stronger together. The others help you push yourself, make time go faster with their smiles and cheers. It's an amazing way of making friends. I met some of my favorite people through running. I share the passion of running with most of my friends here in Copenhagen. Gathering for a run is so much more than just running - it's sharing good moments, challenging ourselves alongside others and achieving goals together, even if we don't all run at the same pace. Being slower than the other is fine, giving up for nothing isn't.
And if we're lucky and in a good day, we might even gather for a beer or two after a training session. It's our routine and it's everything but boring.

I can't stop posting photos of the lovely Flora and Amy because they are among the most wonderful people I know - thanks to running, our paths crossed and I'm so grateful to have these girls in my life. Especially you dearest Flora - our daily talks mean the world to me.

Jeg fandt nogle billeder, jeg tog et styk tid siden. Fik med det same lyst, til at skrive, om hvordan det føles, at løbe i godt selskab.


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