Analog photography and rainy winter runs

07 October 2016

I have this old Olympus film camera which I love using for two reasons:
- It's so little I can carry it with me all the time;
- The outcome usually is pretty good, considering the size and age of the tool.

As a runner I felt like shooting some running stories. I've been giving it a try through the year and again, I was happy with the photos.
I used a Rollei 400 ISO black and white film.

The photos were taken in Paris back in March 2016 on a rainy day. When I lived in Paris I used to run by the Seine as there are car free zones which are perfect for runners.
My ex-boyfriend is the person on some of the shots and took the rest of them.

There's something unique about running on a rainy day - You get to see who's so addicted to the discipline that they'll go for a run, no matter how bad the weather is. Also, the streets are left empty which is actually nice.
Rain is just water, really. As long as you keep yourself warm until you go back home, there's nothing bad about running in the rain.

Looking at these photos makes me more sereine about the upcoming winter - As long as I can run I'll be fine.
I'm so looking forward to taking photos of rainy - maybe even snowy - runs in Copenhagen.

Happy friday everyone!

Om at løbe i regnvejret og mit film kamera.


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