The limits of determination, patience and good will

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26 November 2016

Learning to run long distance is a long process. It’s unlikely that one runs a marathon out of nowhere and without a minimum of preparation. Of course there are exceptions. But most of the people I know started with short runs and slowly increased the distance.

Copenhagen marathon start up

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20 November 2016

Touring in Denmark

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18 November 2016

A few weeks ago I was offered the possibility of following a theater troupe in Denmark.

Dreaming of post teenage stories

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29 October 2016

Before facing that strange epic phase, and while in the eye of the thunder, one thinks chaos is temporary. He/She believes that shitty love stories, parties ending with head in the toilet and existential questions aren't going to last.

Same color as digital photography

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28 October 2016

Now is not the time when I start a career in writing musical reviews - this day will never come. But I'm a big fan of music - I listen to music whenever I can. Sleeping or being at a workplace are the only limits. Sometimes I find myself falling asleep to music and wake up the morning after realizing that it's been playing all night.

It's our routine and it's everything but boring

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26 October 2016

I know it sounds awful but it's not. Running intervals, slowing down in between rounds. Meanwhile, others stay on the side of the track and do some core training. 
It does sound awful. But I must insist - it is not! The main reason is the fulfillment that comes out of the challenge once it's achieved. As runners we all pursue a personal goal and achieving it is one of the best feeling we know.

Sleepless nights in Paris

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15 October 2016

One of the things I'll remember from 2016 is how I changed my habits. I used to be a home person and hated staying at parties for too long. Somehow it changed by the end of 2015 and has been going on like this since then.


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13 October 2016

I was in Vietnam over a year ago and am trying to gather all my memories from this trip as I write these lines.
The first words that come to me are "beautiful", "messy", "breathtaking", "dust" and "spice".

Analog photography and rainy winter runs

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07 October 2016

I have this old Olympus film camera which I love using for two reasons:
- It's so little I can carry it with me all the time;
- The outcome usually is pretty good, considering the size and age of the tool.


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05 October 2016

Amorgos, Paris, Copenhagen, Nice... I feel like I've been moving around more than average for the past weeks. I was in Nice a few days ago to visit my family and celebrate my 102 year-old grand mother (!).

Post teenage stories

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03 October 2016

We were young and stupid. We were in our early 20s and thought we ruled the world. We were careless, depressed and happy and the same time. It was before we knew love and life - if one ever gets to know what those things are.

Le grand bleu

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01 October 2016

Greece is the kind of destination where many Europeans go. Yet I had never been there and I wonder why it took me 28 years. 
My friend Anna and I had been craving for adventure since February 2016 and studied all the crazy countries where we could experience that - Namibia, Sri Lanka, Nicaragua were on the list. But when time came for making a decision and buying tickets we realized that all these destinations were above our budget.

How running helped me overcome eating disorders

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29 September 2016

Just like falling in love I succumbed to eating disorders. It started very slowly and without a warning. I was a happy teenager, pretty careless and slowly discovering the interests women had. It was only natural that my body was starting to look like a woman’s as well. It was a whole new world that I was discovering — I liked the idea of going towards independence and was enjoying the changes. Except for one. I had always been effortlessly skinny and when I realized that this was changing too, I started being more careful.

Việt Nam

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13 June 2016

Journey to the finish line

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12 June 2016

Among all the travels and experiences I've had the chance to go through, this one was the most difficult and yet the most beautiful.

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