Marokko: nye dufter, spændende oplivelser, smukke landskaber og festlighed

08 May 2015

Among the few places I've had the chance to go to there's Morocco. It's a special country to our family as my father was born in Casablanca and raised in Marrakech.
I went there for the first time in 2009 on the occasion of this get-together which had been arranged by my father's highschool friends. I'm not really used to countries where the culture and lifestyle are very different to the western one. Although discovering Morocco didn't feel like a shock. And if it was then it was a pleasant one. I remember landing in a very warm and dry Marrakech at the end of June. According to my dad the warmth was the reason why our plane was so shaky before landing (he knows a crazy amount of things).

I remember the rest of the trip like a series of colorful animated postcards on the rythm of the muezzin and the women's ululation and which smell like spices and leather. And this day when I dived into this beautiful rectangular swimming pool at that person' place. Swimming underwater probably is what I prefer to do and where I feel the best. I felt particularly spoiled and lucky this day.

We also drove to Oualidia for one day to enjoy the Moroccan coast. There were colorful boats by the beach and little girls playing in the water while their djellaba-clad mothers were watching them. My sister, mother and I were actually the only women wearing bikinis. That's probably the moment when I realized that there're places with different standpoints and beliefs. That's when I felt like a total stranger for the first time. But the people surrounding us seemed very opened. It doesn't feel like they really cared. Oualidia is located at the north of Essaouira and is protected from the wind and the Atlantic ocean's agitation. My kind of place.

Poverty is another thing we witnessed. On our first escapade to the Souks my father chose the wrong entry to the Medina. He does know a lot of things but sometimes his childhood memory fails him. So we walked for very long minutes among a mass of people sitting on the floor, disturbing smell and atmosphere. Another first on this trip. Not that I've never seen homeless people in the streets of Paris. It simply felt different in Morocco. We eventually found our way to the crazy Souks. It was very touristy and I'm not a fan of touristy places. But I enjoyed walking there, looking at the scenery and playing the game of negotiation for a pair of babouche (which I ended up wearing the whole summer that year).

The Jemaa El Fna square appears to be a busy intersection during the day but it lightens up at night. It's a complete different atmosphere. People dance, people cook, people eat, people sing and play music. It gets foggy due to all the grilling business that goes on there. It feels like a summer party but bigger and better.

 After the few years that have gone since this trip I still remember it as one of the bests. A perfect get-away, so close to Paris but so far in a way. Exactly what one needs when tired of the downsides of a western way of life.

Om den rejse til Marokko tilbage i 2009. Marokko er meget specielt til min familie da min far blev født og opvoksede der. Jeg husker den tur som en meget positiv og rar kultural chok: nye dufter, spændende oplivelser, smukke landskaber og festlighed.


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