Earl grey cranberry granola

10 May 2015

Before becoming a muesli addict and right after I stopped "refined-sugary" cereals in the morning, I ate granola all the time. It's crunchy and sweet but still healthy especially if you make it yourself.

Granola is a blend of cereal, seeds, nuts, oils and good sweet which have been heated in the oven.
It's getting pretty big here in France but it took a while compared to other countries such as England, the US or Denmark. So when I was a little younger and every time I travelled to one of these countries I would have to make a stop at grocery stores (preferably the organic ones) and buy dozens of packs. Of course they'd all be different. I had to taste every single flavor. The ones with brazil nuts, the gluten free ones and so on.
I'm so addicted to cereal that my sister gave me a basket of different kinds of granolas and mueslis for my 23rd birthday. And she made my day (and the following ones).

I really wonder why it took me so long to start making my own. Granola is very easy and fun to make. And if you're a granola monster like me you may save some money.
I started by following recipes from cookbooks and food bloggers I liked but I quickly moved towards and started thinking of my own blends.
Once you've started you'll see how easy it is to become creative by changing that cereal to another one, this seed to that one, etc.

For this recipe I wanted something a little unusual than the average chocolate/almond blend. Not that I have something against it. But I wanted something else.

Although I never drink black tea I do like its taste. It reminds me of my mother who starts every day with a good cup of earl grey infusion. When I lived in the family house, in the lazy mornings, she'd heat up what was left of the teapot in the microwave and forget about it. We've found many forgotten cups in the microwave, which always made us laugh a lot.
Earl grey blended with dried cranberries seemed like a good match. Don't ask me why, I'm not a fancy cook. I just wanted to try these flavors together. And it turned out to be a good bitter-sweet morning blend, the kind of classic that we're likely to always have at home.

Earl grey cranberry granola
Makes about 400 g granola

- 60 g rolled oats
- 60 g wholegrain spelt flakes
- 60 g red quinoa flakes
- 50 g hazelnuts
- 50 g brazil nuts
- 50 g flax seeds
- 50 g sunflower seeds
- 4 Tbsp maple syrup
- 6 Tbsp canola oil
- A good handful of dried cranberries
- 2 Tbsp of earl grey black tea (only 1 Tbsp if you want it to be more subtle)

Preheat the oven at 200°C.

Start by crushing the nuts. I used a rolling pin.
In a medium bowl combine the dried ingredients (flakes, crushed nuts, seeds, cranberries and earl grey tea leaves).
In a large bowl combine the maple syrup and the canola oil.
Slowly pour all the dried ingredients in the maple-canola blend while stirring. Once all of the ingredients are well blended pour the mixture on a baking tray. Cook for 20 minutes (and remember to stir every 5 minutes).
When cooked, let the granola cool down before you transfer it into a jar.

Enjoy on top of a yogurt or with the milk of your choice. I also love granola as a porridge topping.

Jeg lavede en earl grey cranberry granola forleden dag og den smager utrolig godt.


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