Coastal Portugal

28 April 2015

I visited Portugal for the first and only time in 2013. I had heard a lot about it and by this time I really wanted to spend my summer vacation in a place where there would be non stop sunshine.

So my boyfriend and I packed our bags and took a plane to Porto. We had booked hotel rooms and youth hostel rooms in Porto, Figueira da Foz, Arelho and Lisbon.

Portugal was even better than all what I had heard. People had told me that the Portuguese were nice, that the food was good and the landscapes beautiful.
Well, the people were very welcoming, every meal was a new feast in my mouth and the landscapes were thrilling whether we were in cities or closer to the nature. Not that we loved all what we saw, but the overall trip was wonderful.

The buildings were colorful and we loved getting lost in the tiny streets of Porto and Lisbon.

We decided to go from places to places by train. It was a lot cheaper than renting a car (probably because we hadn't booked a rental car in advance).
One of the owners of the hotels where we stayed told us that the Portuguese never travel by train in their country. He found it funny yet interesting. Sitting in trains for hours, waiting for the next one wasn't a waste of time. During these hours we read, talked, made lists of what we wanted to do in the next city, observed, listened to our favorite songs and so on.

Besides visiting well-known and touristy cities we made a 3-day stop in Arelho. We had booked a room at the Rio do Prado (which probably is the fanciest place where I've been to so far).
It's a modern hotel where every room is on its own and lost in the nature. The owners pay attention to the furniture they choose, they grow their own vegetables and aromatic plants, they cook delicious and simple meals and they are the most welcoming people I have ever met. I will have to write more about this place in the future.

Lisbon was our last stop on the trip. We spent hours walking in the city, even when the temperatures were above 30°C. We didn't really care. This city offered us a wider range of restaurants, cafes and shops. I can't remember going to museums there, we just weren't in the mood for that. Also, getting lost in the Alfama was, in a way, culture, according to us.

And from Lisbon we took a train to Sintra where we saw historic castels and Azulejos. We also rented a car on my birthday and drove to Comporta so that we could spend a day at the beach. The water was cold which didn't stop the Dane in me to have a last swim before flying back to Paris.

Om den sommer i Portugal. Min kærste og mig var der i 2 uger i 2013. Vi besøgte Porto, Figueira da Foz, Arelho, Sintra, Comporta og Lissabon.


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