Being in Nice (part I)

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14 May 2015

I landed at the Nice Côte d'Azur airport yesterday and since then I've completely forgotten about all the things I do for a living. 
I have a few more days ahead and I love that idea. 

Itinéraires d'une cuisine contemporaine

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12 May 2015

As time passes my boyfriend and I get a little closer to knowing what we really want to do with our lives. I'm not talking marriage and kids here. We've naturally been setting the focus on our professional careers and how we want our daily lives to be.

Earl grey cranberry granola

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10 May 2015

Before becoming a muesli addict and right after I stopped "refined-sugary" cereals in the morning, I ate granola all the time. It's crunchy and sweet but still healthy especially if you make it yourself.

Marokko: nye dufter, spændende oplivelser, smukke landskaber og festlighed

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08 May 2015

Among the few places I've had the chance to go to there's Morocco. It's a special country to our family as my father was born in Casablanca and raised in Marrakech.

Simple avocado toasts

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05 May 2015

A day starting with avocado toasts is likely to be a good one.

Slowing down

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03 May 2015

As Spring landed so did some new flavors and colors, my favorites. 

Spring sprang sprung salad

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01 May 2015

It's always a good surprise to see the Spring fruits and veggies back in the aisles and on the markets.
When I eat asparagus and green peas for the first time of the year I always wonder how I survived so many months without them.

Beautiful gestures

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30 April 2015

Among the images I never get tired of are these ones. The inspiration section of this blog is likely to look a lot like this post.

Coastal Portugal

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28 April 2015

I visited Portugal for the first and only time in 2013. I had heard a lot about it and by this time I really wanted to spend my summer vacation in a place where there would be non stop sunshine.


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27 April 2015

Hello and welcome to summer by the water,

I've finally decided to launch my own place on the web. Not that it's a first, but I finally decided to put some real effort, work and thoughts into it, rather than just throwing posts on the web based on my mood.
So here we are.

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